From the dungeon to the stage

excerpt from Richard Dodds – The Bay Area Reporter Online. Published 02/19/2015

The annals on the topic are admittedly spotty, but Home Street Home may be the first Broadway-intended musical to have its production meetings in a BDSM dungeon. When Tony Award-winner Jeff Marx (Avenue Q), punk rock star Fat Mike Burnett of NOFX, and professional dominatrix Goddess Soma Snakeoil decided to discuss a possible collaboration, Soma suggested a meeting at her studio – without mentioning to Marx the nature of her for-hire Los Angeles facility.

“Imagine how foreign it was to me the first time I walked in,” said Marx, who won a Tony in 2004 as a co-author of the Avenue Q score. “It was my first time walking into a dungeon surrounded by floggers and whips and handcuffs and devices, and I’m not kidding at all.” Goddess Soma added, “Now he has a collar that he and his boyfriend play with.”

To which Marx explained, “We haven’t really gotten deeper into BDSM practices, but we’re not scared of it anymore. And this is something the show does so successfully, providing an entree to that scene of BDSM relationships, and seeing what’s absolutely beautiful about it.”

The BDSM world is one of the main themes running through Home Street Home, which will have its first fully staged production Feb. 20-March 1 at Z Space. “Let’s Get Hurt,” a song of BDSM possibilities set to a jaunty melody, illustrates that, but the dominant story concerns a teenage girl running away from an abusive home who finds a new family with punk street kids. Set to an alt-pop sound, the song “Monsters” provides a childlike take on the world she is escaping.

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