“Home Street Home”: When Rent Isn’t Easy

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“Home Street Home,” Brainchild of Former NOFX bassist Fat Mike, fetish queen Goddess Soma, and “Avenue Q” producer Jeff Marx, concluded a brief but successful and enlightening run at San Francisco’s Z Space, in the Mission. The engaging but occasionally difficult musical, a brutal comedy about family, homelessness, drugs, BDSM, punk music and power exchange concluded it’s 11-show engagement in early March, still soliciting input from members of the 220-plus audience in preparation for a wider run.

“Home Street Home” opens with a trio of steampunk Fates introducing a little clan of street rats, each an archetype; depending on how much time you spend on the street, you might recognize Mom, Nosmo, PD, Trashley, and Special Ed from your local street corner. Home Street Home follows their development as a family when they take in a runaway felling an abusive cop father. Home Street Home explores, among other things, relationships on the street and the ways people build families when the ones nature provided have failed them catastrophically. The complexities and emotional quicksands of so many resilient but still devastatingly damaged personalities provide fertile ground for co-creators Fat Mike, Goddess Soma, and Jeff Marx to touch on addiction, abuse, BDSM, jealousy, and the fact that when nothing else in the world is easy, love is both a refuge and a trap.

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No Rent: BDSM Meets Broadway in NOFX Frontman Fat Mike’s New Punk Musical Home Street Home

excerpt from Wednesday, Feb 18 2015. SF Weekly

Long before Fat Mike — the mohawked, frequently bratty, always larger-than-life frontman of NOFX — ever set foot on a stage, he was just little Michael John Burkett, an 8-year-old boy with a flair for the dramatic.

Roll the tapes back with us for a moment and witness the child, crouched in front of his parents’ television set in Los Angeles, a cassette-tape recorder in hand, capturing the songs of The Rocky Horror Picture Show — the lyrics and innuendo of which he barely grasps. He’s transfixed. He had caught part of the movie a week earlier, and then looked desperately through TV Guide to find out when he could see it again. He was waiting, finger on the record button, as the opening credits rolled.

“It was so fucking weird,” the singer and bassist recalls now, two weeks before Home Street Home, his own musical — a project about 15 years in the making — is set to debut in San Francisco. “I just remember that I liked the songs so much. And then that was my only record for the next three or four years.” His parents, he says, didn’t even have a stereo.

No one would call Burkett “Fat Mike” for another dozen years. Nor did anyone have an inkling he’d grow up to front one of the longest-running and most celebrated bands in West Coast punk; co-founded a record label that issued compilations protesting the re-election of President Bush; or become known as much for his nonstop partying, onstage antics, and alcoholic-court-jester persona as for his songwriting, singing, and bass playing. (Examples of said antics: getting banned for life from Emo’s in Austin for allegedly urinating into a bottle and then serving it to fans, crafting an alter ego as an evil clown who squirts cocaine out of his lapel flower and, most recently, kicking a fan who approached him onstage in Australia square in the face.

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Oscar Alternatives: Vampire Comedy and Punk Musical

There are terrific alternatives to overblown Oscar bait this weekend—What We Do in the Shadows, a hilarious vampire comedy and Home Street Home, a punk musical from a member of NOFX

excerpt from Pete Crooks Diablo Magazine – February 2015

The other show to check out isn’t on screen, but live on stage. The new punk rock musical, Home Street Home (opening February 20 at Z Space in San Francisco) is the product of a 17-year vision by the legendary rock musician Fat Mike of the band NOFX. Fans of Berkeley Rep’s smash American Idiot (aka, the Green Day musical) will want to check out this show about street punks in San Francisco. Fat Mike called me recently to talk about the show, which is clearly a labor of love.

“I wanted to write a punk musical about 17 years ago,” says Fat Mike. “I wrote three songs for it, and those three songs actually wound up in the show all these years later.”

Over the past five years, Fat Mike focused on completing the script and writing a new collection of songs. During that time, Berkeley Rep opened Green Day’s punk opera American Idiot, a smash that went to Broadway and toured internationally.

American Idiot really lit a fire under my butt to get this show done,” says Fat Mike, laughing. “I always thought I had this idea to do a punk musical, which had not really been done. Then I heard Green Day had a musical coming out—Home Street Home is a very different show, but I was kind of obsessed to get it out there.”

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Street kids turning tricks, shooting heroin, shoplifting, cutting themselves and fleeing their abusive pasts might not sound like everyone’s idea of subject material for a family musical. But that, along with lots of BDSM, is the raw material in “Home Street Home,” a promising but still sketchy rock musical that’s testing its legs for the first time in a fully staged production at Z Space.

Riding the strength of a strongly melodic and often nimbly devised score, the show has genuine promise. As one earnest solo confession after another builds into a stage-filling, multivoiced ensemble, “Home” wears its big, pounding heart on its sleeve. The gritty R-rated lyrics and simulated sex scenes are put in the service of “Home’s” essentially old-fashioned message about the importance of finding your own family and standing up for who you truly are.

 The excellent second-act power ballad “Because I Want To,” sung with body-shaking conviction by Justine Magnusson as a runaway who was repeatedly raped by her father, could serve as the show’s anthem. It’s both a defiant vow of personal liberation and a youthful cri de coeur.
Co-creators Fat Mike (Michael John Burkett of the punk band NOFX), the “Dominant, fetish movie star” Goddess Soma and lyricist Jeff Marx (of “Avenue Q”) make no secret of their debt to “Rent” and such rock-driven successors as “American Idiot” and “Spring Awakening.” An early line in the show makes the connection explicit. The chain-link fences of Caite Hevner Kemp’s rickety, “Rent”-like scaffold set swing open to reveal the interior of the Slut Hut, the urban squat where much of the action takes place.

From the dungeon to the stage

excerpt from Richard Dodds – The Bay Area Reporter Online. Published 02/19/2015

The annals on the topic are admittedly spotty, but Home Street Home may be the first Broadway-intended musical to have its production meetings in a BDSM dungeon. When Tony Award-winner Jeff Marx (Avenue Q), punk rock star Fat Mike Burnett of NOFX, and professional dominatrix Goddess Soma Snakeoil decided to discuss a possible collaboration, Soma suggested a meeting at her studio – without mentioning to Marx the nature of her for-hire Los Angeles facility.

“Imagine how foreign it was to me the first time I walked in,” said Marx, who won a Tony in 2004 as a co-author of the Avenue Q score. “It was my first time walking into a dungeon surrounded by floggers and whips and handcuffs and devices, and I’m not kidding at all.” Goddess Soma added, “Now he has a collar that he and his boyfriend play with.”

To which Marx explained, “We haven’t really gotten deeper into BDSM practices, but we’re not scared of it anymore. And this is something the show does so successfully, providing an entree to that scene of BDSM relationships, and seeing what’s absolutely beautiful about it.”

The BDSM world is one of the main themes running through Home Street Home, which will have its first fully staged production Feb. 20-March 1 at Z Space. “Let’s Get Hurt,” a song of BDSM possibilities set to a jaunty melody, illustrates that, but the dominant story concerns a teenage girl running away from an abusive home who finds a new family with punk street kids. Set to an alt-pop sound, the song “Monsters” provides a childlike take on the world she is escaping.

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Fat Mike’s making a musical called “Home Street Home”

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home street home

Home Street Home, a musical written by Fat Mike of NOFX, his girlfriend/dominatrix Soma Snakeoil, and Jeffrey Marx is currently being created. According to the job listings in the theatre magazine Playbill, the play is a ”punk rock musical. All singing and musical performances are to be delivered with a punk sensibility.”

The ad goes on to list and give a brief description of the characters, and they look pretty interesting. One character, named Sue (Sue-icide) is described as “a sheltered teenage incest victim from the suburbs” who is “shy and withdrawn but eager to explore, and with an inner strength and toughness that allows her to transform into an empowered, take-charge street punk.”

We’ll be sure to keep you posted as more details on Home Street Home come to light. NOFX’s latest EP “Stoke Extinguisher” was released on November 26th via Fat Wreck Chords.

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‘Home Street Home’ sings of finding family in a hard-knock life

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Ready for a hearty serving of sex, drugs and punk rock? “Home Street Home” is a new Bay Area musical theater work that embraces and challenges the art form.

The production, onstage at Z Space in a limited run, is the product of three very diverse artists. Primary composer Michael John Burkett is better known as Fat Mike, the head-banging front man bassist of the punk group NOFX. His musical collaborator is Jeff Marx, the Tony-winning co-creator of “Avenue Q.” Rounding out the creative team is Goddess Soma – Snakeoil to some – who is a professional dominatrix, fetish film star, writer and activist.

If you’re thinking this is an odd team to be writing for musical theater, they would agree. “I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life,” says Burkett. A fan of “The Rocky Horror Show,” “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” and a certain puppet song-fest, Burkett cites them as examples of shows with great scores. “They’re all great songs and I wanted to write a show like that. Something with no bad ‘filler’ songs.”

“Home Street Home” focuses on the San Francisco street life experience with explorations of sex work, drug use and the power exchange inherent in BDSM (bondage-discipline-sado-masochistic) relationships. These are, however, only a container for a more vital treatise on humanity and the meaning of chosen family.

“Many of these stories are my stories,” says Soma. “It was important to me to show that people living these lives can have dignity and even happiness. Scientists have studied happiness and the happiest people in the world are those with a very involved community. Unlike the families they left, the characters here are together because they want to be.”

The content learning curve was admittedly steep for Marx, who has also served as something of a theater mentor for the production. “I was wanting to work on something really ‘out there’ and collaborate with someone from a field I didn’t really know anything about.”

He got his wish thanks to a determined Burkett who lobbied for an introduction through mutual friends. Demo songs were offered. My first reaction,” says Marx, “was ‘Oh, great! Another terrible musical!’ Instead, I was so struck and in a way that’s never happens with new material. It hit me hard and made me cry.”

His reaction dovetails with Soma’s belief in transformative theater. “Our people are happy. My hope is that the people sitting in the audience will view sex workers, runaways, or people living BDSM or polyamorous lifestyles more positively because of seeing this show.”


Home Street Home

Where: Z Space, 450 Florida St., S.F.

When: 8 p.m. Thursdays, 9 p.m. Fridays-Saturdays, 7 p.m. Sundays; closes March 7

Tickets: $50; $75 includes CD

Contact: (866) 811-4111, www.HomeStreetHomeOnStage.com

Exclusive: First Listen to ‘Let’s Get Hurt’ from Jeff Marx, Fat Mike & Goddess Soma’s HOME STREET HOME Musical!

Home Street Home, a new musical, will play an 11-performance run between February 20 – March 7, 2015 at Z Space, located in the Mission District in San Francisco, the producers announced today. Home Street Home features music by punk legend Fat Mike (NOFX), lyrics by Fat Mike, Jeff Marx (Tony Award winner, Avenue Q) & Goddess Soma (AVN Award winning writer/director), and book by Goddess Soma & Fat Mike. Richard Israel (LA Drama Critics Circle Career Achievement Award winner) will direct. www.HomeStreetHomeOnStage.com.

Below, BroadwayWorld is excited to bring you an exclusive premiere of “Let’s Get Hurt” from the new musical!

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Theater Mania: New Musical From Avenue Q Creator Jeff Marx to Play San Francisco’s Z Space

Punk legend Fat Mike is also an author of the show Home Street Home.

Home Street Home, a new musical from punk icon Fat Mike, Avenue Q Tony winner Jeff Marx, and writer/director Goddess Soma, will play an 11-performance run at San Francisco’s Z Space from February 20-March 7. Richard Israel directs the production.

Press materials for the musical describe it as such: “Home Street Home is a dark comedy that pushes shiny buttons and bold boundaries. This diverse cast sings and dances their way through a celebratory exploration of sex work, drug use, pain, and BDSM power exchange. Follow Sue, a teenage runaway with a dark secret, as she gets scooped up by a saucy tribe of slutty, castaway street punks that welcome her into their wild yet surprisingly functional street family. Enriched by the author’s own experiences, a very human truth emerges… we can all find happiness somewhere.” Read the entire article here

Playbill: Rock Musical Home Street Home, By Avenue Q Tony Winner Jeff Marx, Sets San Francisco Premiere

by Adam Hetrick
03 Feb 2015

Home Street Home a new musical written by Tony Award-winning Avenue Q co-writer Jeff Marx, punk rock musician Fat Mike (NOFX) and writer Goddess Soma, will premiere Feb. 20 at Z Space in San Francisco.

The developmental run of the new musical follows a series of staged readings at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center earlier this winter. Performances will continue through March 7 under the direction of Richard Israel.

Here’s how it’s billed: “Home Street Home is a dark comedy that pushes shiny buttons and bold boundaries. This diverse cast sings and dances their way through a celebratory exploration of sex work, drug use, pain and BDSM power exchange. Read the entire article here