Oscar Alternatives: Vampire Comedy and Punk Musical

There are terrific alternatives to overblown Oscar bait this weekend—What We Do in the Shadows, a hilarious vampire comedy and Home Street Home, a punk musical from a member of NOFX

excerpt from Pete Crooks Diablo Magazine – February 2015

The other show to check out isn’t on screen, but live on stage. The new punk rock musical, Home Street Home (opening February 20 at Z Space in San Francisco) is the product of a 17-year vision by the legendary rock musician Fat Mike of the band NOFX. Fans of Berkeley Rep’s smash American Idiot (aka, the Green Day musical) will want to check out this show about street punks in San Francisco. Fat Mike called me recently to talk about the show, which is clearly a labor of love.

“I wanted to write a punk musical about 17 years ago,” says Fat Mike. “I wrote three songs for it, and those three songs actually wound up in the show all these years later.”

Over the past five years, Fat Mike focused on completing the script and writing a new collection of songs. During that time, Berkeley Rep opened Green Day’s punk opera American Idiot, a smash that went to Broadway and toured internationally.

American Idiot really lit a fire under my butt to get this show done,” says Fat Mike, laughing. “I always thought I had this idea to do a punk musical, which had not really been done. Then I heard Green Day had a musical coming out—Home Street Home is a very different show, but I was kind of obsessed to get it out there.”

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